The Lunch Bunch

Every Tuesday and Thursday during the fall semester, dozens of EKU faculty and staff trek to Room 302 of the Burrier Building, on the corner of campus, for one of the best culinary values in town.
But the students who prepare and serve the three-course noontime meal at Café Burrier are getting quite a bargain, too: an opportunity to learn every phase of the food service business.
The Café, which opened in 2011, is operated and managed by baccalaureate dietetics students as part of the Quantity Foods class, under the direction of Dr. Nathan Stokes. Stokes plans the meals, but the students take it from there, preparing and serving the food, even ironing the tablecloths and cleaning up afterward. Half the class (13 students) arrives by 9:30 a.m. each Tuesday, and the other half does the same on Thursdays.
The meals cost $10. This fall, the entrees have included Polynesian Honey Mustard Chicken Breast, Swedish Meatballs, Greek Chicken Salad, Pizza Primavera, House Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich, Deep Dish Lasagna Florentine, Ham and Cheese Quiche, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Meat Loaf, among other dishes.
Increasingly, the Café is using available local and Kentucky-raised foods. This fall, it partnered with the EKU Department of Agriculture to serve produce grown by agriculture students in the University’s Red Barn Garden. Meat products from Eastern’s Meadowbrook Farm are a future possibility.
The Café’s final meal for this fall is Tuesday, Dec. 1, with a holiday open house scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 3.