EKU Student Profile: K.K. Jauco-Trott

Name: KK Jauco-Trott

Hometown: Alameda, Calif.

Undergraduate Major: Bachelor of Science Community Health Education, Dec 2007

Graduate Program: Master’s in Public Health emphasis in Environmental Health Sciences, Dec 2010

"I believe that to have a grand University learning experience, you have to be pro-active. As Chair of the Non-Trad (Non-Traditional Student) Council, I worked with other Non-Trads and gave them encouragement. We talked about: where to go for tutoring; how to be a part of EKU’s art, music and social life; networking; childcare issues; and more. When a Non-Trad enters school after being away for many years, it is much harder to re- apply ourselves. In a sense, we become Kindergarteners all over again. The Non- Traditional Student Council was a great way for me to network within the University.  My advisor, Sarah Lennon, listened intently to my ideas and immediately discovered I was a Community Health Education Major."