EKU Student Profile: Greg Holian

Hometown:  Erlanger, KY

Major:  Assets Protection and Security

Minor: Business

Year: Senior

Military Service

"I joined the Marines in January of 2004 and was sent to the Marine base in Cherry Point, NC.  I worked as a Military Police Officer before embarking on my first tour of Iraq.  After my first tour, I came back to Cherry Point.  When an opportunity came for a 2nd tour, I decided to go back.  I wanted to be with my good friends."

Ready to Go

“I didn’t think I was ready to go to college straight out of high school but after about three months in the Marines, I realized I was ready.  On my second tour, my fiancé, recommended EKU.  I went online and found a program I liked and applied while I was in Iraq."

Thinking Ahead

"I decided to major in Assets Protection and Security.  The program I chose was a good fit for me.  I knew the combination of my work experience and this degree program would put me ahead of the game when it came time to find a job in this challenging economy."