EKU Dance: Brittany Hudson

EKU Dance Theater offers students and faculty the opportunity to perform art and social forms of dance. We have 2 major concerts a year and do several school and community performances each semester. Those who wish to get involved should register for our dance technique class, PHE 250 which meets from 2:00 - 3:15 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Dance Theatre Auditions take place the second week of every semester in the following order:

  • Sunday for the Ballroom dance performing group 

  • Monday for Choreographers to present their ideas 

  • Wednesday for Dancers

For more information on dance opportunities contact: Dr. Marianne McAdam, Weaver Dance Studio, Weaver Health Building

Telephone 859 622-1901 or E-mail: marianne.mcadam@eku.edu

Don't miss EKU Dance Theatre's spring concert April 18-21!