Campus Celebrates Scholarship

EKU students, faculty and staff came together April 12-19 to celebrate a campus culture of scholarship, research and creative endeavors during the University’s annual Scholarship Week.

The celebration included a diverse series of events highlighting the scholarship and creativity of students and their faculty mentors at Eastern Kentucky University. They included workshops, panels, an Alumni Spotlight, Honors thesis presentations, the University Presentation Showcase for undergraduate and graduate presentations, a public speaking competition, music and dance performances, an art exhibit, a “Trash Fash” display of fashions created by EKU students from discarded materials, an EKU Libraries Technology Showcase, Noel Studio Program Appreciation Night and a University Scholars Assembly at which major awards were presented, and much more.

Most events took place in EKU’s John Grant Crabbe Main Library. The Encompass digital archive at makes the scholarship, creativity, and history of EKU globally discoverable and accessible.